3 Problems with Bulldogs You Should Know

Bulldogs are a very caring and affectionate breed of dog. However, the same care that they show to their owners and family members should also


3 Best Shampoos for Your Bulldog

At Northern Pride American Bulldogs, we support and endorse total holistic care of bulldogs from their owners. This goes way past just picking the right

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Top Bully Sticks Bulk Buys for Your Bulldog

In Northern Pride American Bulldog’s previous article, we spoke about different feeding bulldog facts you should know that would help you with how and what

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3 Bulldog Breeds You Should Consider Getting

At Northern Pride American Bulldogs, we respect each and every bulldog breed. There are some breeds though that people should know and familiarize themselves with. Understanding

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3 Problems with Bulldogs You Should Know


Bulldogs are a very caring and affectionate breed of dog. However, the same care that they show to their owners and family members should also be shown to them by their owners.

We say this because bulldogs are a very sensitive dog breed that require a lot of care and attention. They definitely require some effort to take care of. Failure to do so would lead to a number of problems.

Here are three problems with bulldogs that you should know.

Breathing Problems

All bulldogs have a breathing problem stemming from a narrow nasal opening. The faces of bulldogs are structured in a flat way. The effect of their flatness is that their air intake is restricted.

This can be seen through your bulldog’s snoring or how they lose breath so fast after minimal physical activity.

The best thing you can do for this is not force so much physical activity on your bulldog.

Apart from that though, the tissue in the back of a bulldog’s throat is very soft and elongated. This also causes breathing problems in bulldogs.

You could have surgery done on your bulldog to fix this. If you don’t, it could result in suffocation.

Bulldogs are Not Swimmers

Bulldogs just can’t swim. Attribute this to how their bodies are structured. Their body has unusual proportions. Short legs with large, bulky, and compact bodies.

In order to address this, just make sure that when your bulldog is in a pool or similar body of water, that you are there to watch him or her. You are the best line of defense. You can also put a life vest on your bulldog just to make sure it doesn’t drown.

Bad Elbows and Hips

Finally, bulldogs are prone to having elbow and hip dysplasia. This means that the sockets from the elbows and hips form in an abnormal way. This leads to crippling and eventual lameness.

This results from the abnormal joint developments when the bulldogs are young, as well as other environmental and genetic factors.

If you see your bulldog running in an odd manner or in what seems like a way that looks as if they are resisting something, this could be an early sing of this dysplasia.

All dogs deal with in their own unique way. Some will just have to warm up to move well. Others will begin limping, while others will just do less and less activities altogether.

Keep your bulldog active by running a lot. Refrain from doing activities that have jumps in them. Also, don’t forget to feed the right dog food for your bulldog.

All of us here at Northern Pride American Bulldogs support the total and holistic care of your bulldogs. Stay tuned for more informative articles on how you can take better care of your bulldogs.

Infographic by: dorriolds.com

3 Best Shampoos for Your Bulldog


At Northern Pride American Bulldogs, we support and endorse total holistic care of bulldogs from their owners. This goes way past just picking the right dog food for your bulldog. It is way bigger than just understanding the bulldog breeds and putting them the right living conditions.

Holistic care is all about the little things. One facet that is usually overlooked by bulldog owners is their cleanliness.

Bulldogs have a lot of wrinkles. While these may seem cute and endearing, these wrinkles can hide a lot of dirt that if not taken care of could lead to itches and infections.


Dry Shampoo for Dogs

So convenient! This type of shampoo doesn’t require water and is perfect for in between showers / baths. Give it a try!

Tropiclean Oatmeal and Tea Tree Pet Shampoo

This specific shampoo should be used for occasions when your bulldog already has allergies or skin irritation.

It is comprised of natural ingredients such as coconut, tea tree oil, papaya, aloe, yucca, and oatmeal. It is perfect for treating sensitive dog skin. When using this, tell your bulldog to kiss their itches away! Apart from that, one of the biggest selling points is that it comes in as much as a gallon a bottle.

On the other side, consider these points. For one, its natural ingredients make it hard for it to lather on the bulldog. An impatient dog will be your biggest problem if the shampoo doesn’t lather easily.

Also, the scent from the shampoo doesn’t last too long. So, it won’t take for the bulldog to smell like they normally would.

Nourish 16-Ounce Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo is made specifically for the wrinkles on your bulldog’s face. As mentioned previously, it is vital to clean off dirt hidden in the wrinkles of your bulldog. Failure to do so will lead to infections. Nourish 16-Ounce Shampoo and Conditioner is designed to do just this.

Apart from that, using this shampoo will also whiten your dog’s face in a natural way that does not involve chemicals that may irritate your dog’s face.

The cherry on top of this shampoo cake? It is very affordable.

K9 Pro Natural Dog Shampoo Oatmeal & Aloe For Dogs

This dog shampoo is one of the absolute best ones for your bulldog. It is so good that you may consider using it for weekly baths.

No matter what is ailing and afflicting your dog – whether it is extreme conditions of weather or skin irritations from allergies – K9 Pro Natural Dog Shampoo Oatmeal and Aloe for Dogs is perfect for just about anything.

It also smells really good, so your bulldog will as well. The shampoo uses a Proprietary Liposome Technology that allows for the shampoo to penetrate through the coats of pets all the way into the hard to reach places. Usually, other shampoos miss these hard to reach spots.

For such a great shampoo, you have to expect that this shampoo wouldn’t be the most affordable one in the market. However, with every benefit that this shampoo offers you, you can make sure that it is money well spent.

Despite these selections, don’t forget to look out for other bulldog shampoos out there. Pick one that is best for you and your beloved pet.

Top Bully Sticks Bulk Buys for Your Bulldog


In Northern Pride American Bulldog’s previous article, we spoke about different feeding bulldog facts you should know that would help you with how and what you feed your bulldog.

In this article, let’s go more into specifics; specific dog food and dog treat brands.

Owners think it is alright to get whatever dog food to feed their dog. However, picking the right dog food will allow for a healthier bulldog with lesser health complications.

Here are the top two bully sticks that you can purchase for your bulldog.

Pawstruck’s Grain-Free Pizzle Stick Chews

bully stick variety pack

This specific dog food has 1 main ingredient: all natural beef pizzle.

Pawstruck has made dog food into a science of sorts. It utilizes ingredients that are only USDA inspected. On top of that, they are free from corn, wheat, soy, and artificial preservatives. As stated in our previous article, everything mentioned could be detrimental to the bulldog’s health.

Using these ingredients, they prepare gourmet dog foods, hand packed foods, and even balance meals. Did we mention that their selections span across all ages of a dog?

This particular brand’s bully sticks bulk are a great choice as it is high in protein. It also includes probiotics and related minerals, the former helpful to supporting a dog’s digestion, while the latter allows them to take in the best nutrients into their bodies.

One fact that will surely tip the scales for you to buy this dog food is that is considered one of the most affordable dog foods for bulldogs. A steal!

Shop here: Bully Sticks on Amazon

Red Barn Pet Products Bully Sticks

red barn bully sticks

Redbarn Pet Product’s bully stix are comprised of just beef. All the ingredients used are natural, with no fillers and artificial flavoring. The ingredients also make sure that there are no allergic reactions that may take place.

This company does not only cater to a bulldog’s eating habits. It also cares more about the health of a bulldog, as well as providing them with the nutrients that they need to live a healthy and disease-free life.

Utilizing premium proteins, this specific dog food brand is very rich in nutrients that bulldogs need.

With meat as the main ingredient, this also ensures that dogs get a lot of lean protein which is ideal for the muscular bulldog.

Finally, this dog food is also packed with probiotics for digestion and chelated minerals for nutrient absorption.

Apart from these two, there are other top dog foods for bulldogs that you should consider. Choosing the right dog food will allow your bulldog to live a happy and healthy life.

3 Facts You Need to Know When Feeding Your Bulldog


Bulldogs are loyal and affectionate pets.  In the same way that they take care of us owners, we should also ensure that we feed them in the most appropriate way possible.

Most owners think that dog food is dog food. There is no real difference and any would do. However, depending on the breed – in this case our beloved bulldog – there are specific things that you need to follow when feeding them.

Here are three facts that you need to know when feeding your bulldog.

Stay Away from These Ingredients


Bulldogs are a sensitive breed. We don’t mean that in a way that their feelings get hurt easily. Rather it is that they are so prone to allergies that you should really be wary of what you are feeding them.

If there were any ingredients you should be careful feeding them, they would be wheat, soy, grains, and corn-based foods.

Also included is chicken. Just like in people, chicken may trigger allergies if you are unsure what allergies they have. Chicken is usually a suspect for allergies, and rightfully so. In much the same way, foods with preservatives, artificial flavors, and colors should also similarly be avoided in the same reason why humans should too.

Finally, refrain from feeding the bulldogs bone meal. Much like chicken feet and beaks, this is a meal that your bulldog will not be able to digest.

Think About Their Weight


Bulldogs are a big and muscular breed. However, this breed is also very prone to gaining a lot of weight. If left unchecked, any bulldog has obesity on its path.

Food with lower fat content is what should be considered most o the time. Try to aim from somewhere between 8 to 15 % fat in their foods so that they can maintain good and healthy weight.

You should also think twice about feeding them carbohydrates. Apart from getting them fat, it could also lead to some allergic reactions.

Age Matters


It matters what age a bulldog is. Owners shouldn’t feed them one specific type of dog food for all their life. Moreover, the quantity and frequency of meals differs with their age.

As a puppy, if you feed them food that is meant for an adult, it can help them grow quicker. However, it would also aggravate its hip dysplasia that more than half bulldogs experience at a later point of their life.

If your bulldog exercises regularly, it should be fed at least three times a day with a maximum of 1300 calories. Older bulldogs though should be fed only 900 calories in the same frequency.

Doing this will help them avoid obesity throughout their lives.

These interesting health facts about bulldogs should help you feed your bulldogs correctly. In our next article, the writers at Norther Pride American bulldogs will bring you more information about what specific food

3 Surprising Facts About Bulldogs


Bulldogs are a dog breed that is known the world over. This is primarily because of its iconic look and how they have been used in television shows and media.

Despite it being so common, there are still a number of facts about bulldogs that would surprise and amaze people.

Here are three surprising facts about bulldogs.

Bulldog History

Bulldogs were bred as early as the 13th century. They were originally bred for an activity called bull baiting. This practice would see dogs harass and bite tethered bulls. The bulldogs would stealthily get as close to the bull as possible, then jump out and attempt to bite the bull’s nose or head.

This was considered a sport back in the day in Medieval Europe.

Their participation in this sport is precisely why bulldogs have low statures and centers of gravity. They are short creatures that were designed to be as low to the ground as possible. Their underbite made it easier for them to grab on to the bulls.

Fortunately, the sport of bull baiting is a thing of the past.

What’s the deal with the wrinkles?

This fact also goes back to the days of bull baiting. Back then, bulldogs were bred for the wrinkles on their face. The more wrinkles, the better.

This was because the wrinkles protected the bulldogs eyes from the blood that would come out of the bull during their battle. It was almost like their protective helmet.

Just because the days of bull baiting are done doesn’t mean that wrinkles should be dismissed just like that. If you are a bulldog owner, you must ensure that the wrinkles of your bulldogs be cleaned as it may lead to infections.

Always Unique

No matter what bulldog you get, there will never be another one like it. Bulldogs come in as much as 10 different colors and 4 markings all throughout the body. These are mixed and match for each specific bulldog.

We here at Northern Pride American Bulldogs hope these interesting facts on bulldogs have enlightened you and made you more knowledgeable about this lovely breed.

Infographic by: visual.ly

3 Bulldog Breeds You Should Consider Getting


At Northern Pride American Bulldogs, we respect each and every bulldog breed. There are some breeds though that people should know and familiarize themselves with.

Understanding the different bulldog breeds is vital for people who would like to own one of these lovable pets. The knowledge on these breeds allows for people to know how these bulldogs look, their personalities, and what environments are good and bad for them.

This way, future owners can get the bulldog that is best for them. Here are three bulldog breeds that you should consider getting.

English Bulldog


This breed is very iconic, as it has been used in numerous television shows and films. To the common man, the bulldog has a very stubborn look. With a broad sagging jaw, drooping facial features, and an upturned nose, people are often fooled of this breed to be lazy and sluggish.

Well, they aren’t totally wrong on this. The English bulldog prefers the indoors, and can often be found by your sense of hearing as they snore loudly into the night (and most of the day). Beware of any wet spots too as they are known to drool.

Finally, if you are looking for an active bulldog, this is not it. This breed of bulldog should not be exercised as they might suffer from exhaustion and overheating.

Despite all of these, they are a very loving, affectionate, and gentle to their family. It is a breed that is great to get if you’d like to forge a bond between your child and a pet. With how affectionate and loyal they are, their bond will last as long as this breed lives.

Alapaha Blue Blood


This breed was originally a guard dog meant to look after cattle and plantations back in the 19th century. One can see why with its stocky and muscular body.

Today though, the days of the Alapaha Blue Blood being a watchdog are over. It is now a family pet. A big, strong, muscular, agile, athletic, and sturdy family pet.

This breed still retains its intelligence and alertness from its watching days. As such, they will remain loyal to the family while also being a good alarm and guarding system for any intruders.

Be warned though. To maintain its stocky frame, it eats and exercises a lot. It likes outdoor environments best.

American Bulldog


This breed is really bred for its guarding. It is a brave breed that will guard is loved ones from any threats that may come its way.

It is also considered a bulldog for the working man, as it can be used to herd cattle and for hunting as well. If you own an American bulldog, trespassers should beware.

We’ve only presented a few bulldog breeds. Be sure to look out for the other bulldog breeds and pick one that is the best fit for you.

3 Things Only Bulldog Owners Get


As much as we at Northern Pride American Bulldogs support bulldogs, we also support the people who adopt, breed, and take care of them.

We are sure that all bulldog owners around the world have some things that only they can relate to. These are things that allow them to rally together and form a community together.

Here are three things only bulldog owners will get.

The Way Bulldogs Sleep

If you own a bulldog, you’ve probably seen the way they sleep. You’ve probably seen where they sleep as well, which is absolutely everywhere.

These adorable pets are so low on energy that they can fall asleep just about anywhere you put them. It doesn’t matter if they were in the middle of the activity. They fall asleep as quickly as Usain Bolt on race day!

If that weren’t enough, the way they sleep is a topic either amuses or irritates people. Probably both actually. They snore. They pass gas. We love them all the same anyway

The Lap is Always a Target

It seems as though bulldogs never really grow up. Even throughout the years, no matter how old they grow, they never stop going for your lap.

It doesn’t even matter what bulldog breeds they are. French bulldog. American Bulldog. It seems to be in their genes!

This just goes to show how affectionate these bulldogs are to their masters. All they want to do is spend time with you. And if you own a bulldog, we know you like that they are that way.

A True Family Pet

There used to be a stigma with bulldogs. With certain types of breeds, people used to see the mean and angry faces of the bulldog and generally head the opposite direction of them. It spawned the saying that bulldogs were a mean dog breed that was very dangerous.

While the stigma is currently still alive, it has shifted to a minority statement. It is funny to think how painfully wrong these people were.

In all honesty, this dog breed is one of the best fits for a family pet. Hands down, their yearning to keep cuddling, their gentle nature, and sweet affectionate manners will ensure a loving place within a family.

If you were ever going to get a pet that you’d like to bond with your children, a bulldog is it.

We hope these three points made you nod your head and look at your bulldog fondly.