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3 Bulldog Breeds You Should Consider Getting


At Northern Pride American Bulldogs, we respect each and every bulldog breed. There are some breeds though that people should know and familiarize themselves with.

Understanding the different bulldog breeds is vital for people who would like to own one of these lovable pets. The knowledge on these breeds allows for people to know how these bulldogs look, their personalities, and what environments are good and bad for them.

This way, future owners can get the bulldog that is best for them. Here are three bulldog breeds that you should consider getting.

English Bulldog


This breed is very iconic, as it has been used in numerous television shows and films. To the common man, the bulldog has a very stubborn look. With a broad sagging jaw, drooping facial features, and an upturned nose, people are often fooled of this breed to be lazy and sluggish.

Well, they aren’t totally wrong on this. The English bulldog prefers the indoors, and can often be found by your sense of hearing as they snore loudly into the night (and most of the day). Beware of any wet spots too as they are known to drool.

Finally, if you are looking for an active bulldog, this is not it. This breed of bulldog should not be exercised as they might suffer from exhaustion and overheating.

Despite all of these, they are a very loving, affectionate, and gentle to their family. It is a breed that is great to get if you’d like to forge a bond between your child and a pet. With how affectionate and loyal they are, their bond will last as long as this breed lives.

Alapaha Blue Blood


This breed was originally a guard dog meant to look after cattle and plantations back in the 19th century. One can see why with its stocky and muscular body.

Today though, the days of the Alapaha Blue Blood being a watchdog are over. It is now a family pet. A big, strong, muscular, agile, athletic, and sturdy family pet.

This breed still retains its intelligence and alertness from its watching days. As such, they will remain loyal to the family while also being a good alarm and guarding system for any intruders.

Be warned though. To maintain its stocky frame, it eats and exercises a lot. It likes outdoor environments best.

American Bulldog


This breed is really bred for its guarding. It is a brave breed that will guard is loved ones from any threats that may come its way.

It is also considered a bulldog for the working man, as it can be used to herd cattle and for hunting as well. If you own an American bulldog, trespassers should beware.

We’ve only presented a few bulldog breeds. Be sure to look out for the other bulldog breeds and pick one that is the best fit for you.

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