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bulldog-lying-downWelcome. We are Northern Pride American Bulldogs. As the name suggests, our organizations are all about bulldogs.

Now we aren’t just about bulldogs because they are great pets. More than that, we respect this breed that stands with nobility and pride.

As such, we’d like to uphold the nobility of this breed buy advocating the proper care of bulldogs. Some pet owners think that a pet is a pet, and that the way you take care of one applies to all. That simply isn’t true.

Each pet is unique, and it is no different with bulldogs. They require a certain amount of care and it should be delivered in a specific way.

In our website, we write articles on a variety of topics that are important to bulldogs. For instance, we write interesting facts about bulldogs. We also have lists of the proper food that bulldogs should be fed, how they should be cleaned, their common problems, and what you can do to care for them better.

Apart from bulldogs, at our organization, we also take pride in the accuracy of the information we present here. As our saying goes, there is no bull here, just bulldogs.

We hope you continue supporting us, as well as the bulldog breed for years to come.