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At Northern Pride American Bulldogs, we support only the best in bulldog care. While we try to provide this information to all current and prospective bulldog owners, no one person or organization has all the answers.

One good way of gleaning more information about this topic is by turning to books. Here are three books that you can read that are all about bulldogs.

Bulldogs for Dummies

Bulldogs for Dummies

Yes, there these types of books for just about everything. Programming for Dummies. Cooking for Dummies. Why not Bulldogs for Dummies too?

This book starts at the very beginning of bulldogs, talking about how they were first bred for bullbaiting. Bullbaiting was the practice of letting out bulldogs to harass and attack a tethered bull in Europe. As such, this breed is known as a calm and brave one.

It goes on to talk about everything you may need to know about bulldogs. Topics include information on buying or adopting a bulldog, housetraining commands that your bulldog needs to know, how to teach these housetraining commands, how to groom your bulldogs and keep them active, and finally, health issues that this specific breed has.

This book is a go-to manual for choosing, training, and caring for your bulldog.

Bulldog: Your Happy Healthy Pet

Bulldog Your Happy Healthy Pet

This book was created after the bulldog finally broke the top 10 breeds in the American Kennel Association of America.

It covers most standard information, like how to take care of dogs and what to look out for with regards to the diseases they are susceptible to.

As an add-on though, it also includes a DVD that shows you how to train your bulldog.



The title is simple and straightforward. The book is all about bulldogs.

It covers the essentials from the dog’s characteristics, how to feed and train them, and how to keep them healthy. This expert’s advice on bulldogs will start from when you get them as a puppy.

It has everything you need to know from picking a puppy, what you need to do when it arrives at your home, making it feel at home, and preventing any problems bulldog puppies sometimes experience.