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3 Problems with Bulldogs You Should Know


Bulldogs are a very caring and affectionate breed of dog. However, the same care that they show to their owners and family members should also be shown to them by their owners. We say this because bulldogs are a very sensitive dog breed that require a lot of care and attention.

3 Best Shampoos for Your Bulldog


At Northern Pride American Bulldogs, we support and endorse total holistic care of bulldogs from their owners. This goes way past just picking the right dog food for your bulldog. It is way bigger than just understanding the bulldog breeds and putting them the right living conditions. Holistic care is all

3 Surprising Facts About Bulldogs


Bulldogs are a dog breed that is known the world over. This is primarily because of its iconic look and how they have been used in television shows and media. Despite it being so common, there are still a number of facts about bulldogs that would surprise and amaze people. Here are

3 Things Only Bulldog Owners Get


As much as we at Northern Pride American Bulldogs support bulldogs, we also support the people who adopt, breed, and take care of them. We are sure that all bulldog owners around the world have some things that only they can relate to. These are things that allow them to rally