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3 Surprising Facts About Bulldogs


Bulldogs are a dog breed that is known the world over. This is primarily because of its iconic look and how they have been used in television shows and media.

Despite it being so common, there are still a number of facts about bulldogs that would surprise and amaze people.

Here are three surprising facts about bulldogs.

Bulldog History

Bulldogs were bred as early as the 13th century. They were originally bred for an activity called bull baiting. This practice would see dogs harass and bite tethered bulls. The bulldogs would stealthily get as close to the bull as possible, then jump out and attempt to bite the bull’s nose or head.

This was considered a sport back in the day in Medieval Europe.

Their participation in this sport is precisely why bulldogs have low statures and centers of gravity. They are short creatures that were designed to be as low to the ground as possible. Their underbite made it easier for them to grab on to the bulls.

Fortunately, the sport of bull baiting is a thing of the past.

What’s the deal with the wrinkles?

This fact also goes back to the days of bull baiting. Back then, bulldogs were bred for the wrinkles on their face. The more wrinkles, the better.

This was because the wrinkles protected the bulldogs eyes from the blood that would come out of the bull during their battle. It was almost like their protective helmet.

Just because the days of bull baiting are done doesn’t mean that wrinkles should be dismissed just like that. If you are a bulldog owner, you must ensure that the wrinkles of your bulldogs be cleaned as it may lead to infections.

Always Unique

No matter what bulldog you get, there will never be another one like it. Bulldogs come in as much as 10 different colors and 4 markings all throughout the body. These are mixed and match for each specific bulldog.

We here at Northern Pride American Bulldogs hope these interesting facts on bulldogs have enlightened you and made you more knowledgeable about this lovely breed.

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