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Top Bully Sticks Bulk Buys for Your Bulldog


In Northern Pride American Bulldog’s previous article, we spoke about different feeding bulldog facts you should know that would help you with how and what you feed your bulldog.

In this article, let’s go more into specifics; specific dog food and dog treat brands.

Owners think it is alright to get whatever dog food to feed their dog. However, picking the right dog food will allow for a healthier bulldog with lesser health complications.

Here are the top two bully sticks that you can purchase for your bulldog.

Pawstruck’s Grain-Free Pizzle Stick Chews

bully stick variety pack

This specific dog food has 1 main ingredient: all natural beef pizzle.

Pawstruck has made dog food into a science of sorts. It utilizes ingredients that are only USDA inspected. On top of that, they are free from corn, wheat, soy, and artificial preservatives. As stated in our previous article, everything mentioned could be detrimental to the bulldog’s health.

Using these ingredients, they prepare gourmet dog foods, hand packed foods, and even balance meals. Did we mention that their selections span across all ages of a dog?

This particular brand’s bully sticks bulk are a great choice as it is high in protein. It also includes probiotics and related minerals, the former helpful to supporting a dog’s digestion, while the latter allows them to take in the best nutrients into their bodies.

One fact that will surely tip the scales for you to buy this dog food is that is considered one of the most affordable dog foods for bulldogs. A steal!

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Red Barn Pet Products Bully Sticks

red barn bully sticks

Redbarn Pet Product’s bully stix are comprised of just beef. All the ingredients used are natural, with no fillers and artificial flavoring. The ingredients also make sure that there are no allergic reactions that may take place.

This company does not only cater to a bulldog’s eating habits. It also cares more about the health of a bulldog, as well as providing them with the nutrients that they need to live a healthy and disease-free life.

Utilizing premium proteins, this specific dog food brand is very rich in nutrients that bulldogs need.

With meat as the main ingredient, this also ensures that dogs get a lot of lean protein which is ideal for the muscular bulldog.

Finally, this dog food is also packed with probiotics for digestion and chelated minerals for nutrient absorption.

Apart from these two, there are other top dog foods for bulldogs that you should consider. Choosing the right dog food will allow your bulldog to live a happy and healthy life.

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