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3 Best Shampoos for Your Bulldog


At Northern Pride American Bulldogs, we support and endorse total holistic care of bulldogs from their owners. This goes way past just picking the right dog food for your bulldog. It is way bigger than just understanding the bulldog breeds and putting them the right living conditions.

Holistic care is all about the little things. One facet that is usually overlooked by bulldog owners is their cleanliness.

Bulldogs have a lot of wrinkles. While these may seem cute and endearing, these wrinkles can hide a lot of dirt that if not taken care of could lead to itches and infections.


Dry Shampoo for Dogs

So convenient! This type of shampoo doesn’t require water and is perfect for in between showers / baths. Give it a try!

Tropiclean Oatmeal and Tea Tree Pet Shampoo

This specific shampoo should be used for occasions when your bulldog already has allergies or skin irritation.

It is comprised of natural ingredients such as coconut, tea tree oil, papaya, aloe, yucca, and oatmeal. It is perfect for treating sensitive dog skin. When using this, tell your bulldog to kiss their itches away! Apart from that, one of the biggest selling points is that it comes in as much as a gallon a bottle.

On the other side, consider these points. For one, its natural ingredients make it hard for it to lather on the bulldog. An impatient dog will be your biggest problem if the shampoo doesn’t lather easily.

Also, the scent from the shampoo doesn’t last too long. So, it won’t take for the bulldog to smell like they normally would.

Nourish 16-Ounce Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo is made specifically for the wrinkles on your bulldog’s face. As mentioned previously, it is vital to clean off dirt hidden in the wrinkles of your bulldog. Failure to do so will lead to infections. Nourish 16-Ounce Shampoo and Conditioner is designed to do just this.

Apart from that, using this shampoo will also whiten your dog’s face in a natural way that does not involve chemicals that may irritate your dog’s face.

The cherry on top of this shampoo cake? It is very affordable.

K9 Pro Natural Dog Shampoo Oatmeal & Aloe For Dogs

This dog shampoo is one of the absolute best ones for your bulldog. It is so good that you may consider using it for weekly baths.

No matter what is ailing and afflicting your dog – whether it is extreme conditions of weather or skin irritations from allergies – K9 Pro Natural Dog Shampoo Oatmeal and Aloe for Dogs is perfect for just about anything.

It also smells really good, so your bulldog will as well. The shampoo uses a Proprietary Liposome Technology that allows for the shampoo to penetrate through the coats of pets all the way into the hard to reach places. Usually, other shampoos miss these hard to reach spots.

For such a great shampoo, you have to expect that this shampoo wouldn’t be the most affordable one in the market. However, with every benefit that this shampoo offers you, you can make sure that it is money well spent.

Despite these selections, don’t forget to look out for other bulldog shampoos out there. Pick one that is best for you and your beloved pet.

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