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At Northern Pride American Bulldogs, one of our commitments is to provide all current and prospective owners with the best advice and information about owning and caring for bulldogs.

The information we provide will help with the care of the bulldogs, as well as uphold the standards required of this noble breed.

However, the truth is that no single person or organization has all the answers.

This is where you come in to play. If you share our commitment and passion for taking care of bulldogs and can write up a storm, then we are looking for you.

Write for us. With your expertise and knowledge, you can help provide better information for bulldog owners.

Here are some topics you can write about.

Interesting Facts

The more information out there, the better. For just about anything out there in the world, there are specific pieces of information that people don’t know about.

These could be facts about the breed’s history, about it’s care, and even about specific experiences that only bulldog owners know.

This information may go a long way to pushing a person to become a bulldog owner.

The Best Products and Food

Bulldogs are a breed that demand a specific amount and quality of care. This means that there are products out there that are best suited for the care of bulldogs.

For instance, you could write about the shampoos that are best used for bulldogs. This also goes for food. What is the best dog food out there for bulldogs and why?

This would help all current bulldog owners.

How-to Guides

You may know specific information on a number of processes. Why not write about how to properly clean the wrinkles of a bulldog? Or how to look for certain signs that mean a bulldog is sick?

Any information is helpful and can better the care that people provide bulldogs.