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3 Things Only Bulldog Owners Get


As much as we at Northern Pride American Bulldogs support bulldogs, we also support the people who adopt, breed, and take care of them.

We are sure that all bulldog owners around the world have some things that only they can relate to. These are things that allow them to rally together and form a community together.

Here are three things only bulldog owners will get.

The Way Bulldogs Sleep

If you own a bulldog, you’ve probably seen the way they sleep. You’ve probably seen where they sleep as well, which is absolutely everywhere.

These adorable pets are so low on energy that they can fall asleep just about anywhere you put them. It doesn’t matter if they were in the middle of the activity. They fall asleep as quickly as Usain Bolt on race day!

If that weren’t enough, the way they sleep is a topic either amuses or irritates people. Probably both actually. They snore. They pass gas. We love them all the same anyway

The Lap is Always a Target

It seems as though bulldogs never really grow up. Even throughout the years, no matter how old they grow, they never stop going for your lap.

It doesn’t even matter what bulldog breeds they are. French bulldog. American Bulldog. It seems to be in their genes!

This just goes to show how affectionate these bulldogs are to their masters. All they want to do is spend time with you. And if you own a bulldog, we know you like that they are that way.

A True Family Pet

There used to be a stigma with bulldogs. With certain types of breeds, people used to see the mean and angry faces of the bulldog and generally head the opposite direction of them. It spawned the saying that bulldogs were a mean dog breed that was very dangerous.

While the stigma is currently still alive, it has shifted to a minority statement. It is funny to think how painfully wrong these people were.

In all honesty, this dog breed is one of the best fits for a family pet. Hands down, their yearning to keep cuddling, their gentle nature, and sweet affectionate manners will ensure a loving place within a family.

If you were ever going to get a pet that you’d like to bond with your children, a bulldog is it.

We hope these three points made you nod your head and look at your bulldog fondly.

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